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Decorating your small home can be daunting if you don’t know where to start. It’s important to make the most of your space by choosing decor that makes your house feel full and cozy, even if you have minimal square footage. Here are five craft storage secrets for small homes that will help you make the most of every inch!

A Process to Store your Stuff

If you live in a small home, you know that storage space is often at a premium. But just because your home is small doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your crafting supplies. With a little creativity, you can easily find places to store all of your materials. Here are five craft storage secrets for small homes

– Get on the floor: There’s usually a lot of space under beds and couches (depending on the size and shape of your furniture)

. Check out this simple tutorial from Ana White on how to build a bed frame with storage under it. You could also use one side of an old bookshelf or entertainment center as a table to provide additional workspace while hiding any unsightly junk like plastic containers, paper towel rolls, wrapping paper tubes or extra bolts. And finally, don’t forget about empty wall space! Hang some decorative baskets to hold all those odds and ends that seem to accumulate.

You’ll be surprised what a difference some shelves will make! Plus, having a designated spot for things reduces clutter so you always know where to look when you need something. A few years ago I shared these ideas with my daughter who lives in a tiny apartment by herself.

After rearranging her bedroom to maximize her limited storage space she said This makes me feel so much better! We’ve continued the process ever since, taking into account changes in our lives like marriage and babies. It’s important to keep things flexible because as we change so does our living situation.

1) Declutter

  1. If you don’t love it, get rid of it. This is the number one rule when it comes to decluttering any space, but it’s especially important in a small space. Get rid of anything that you don’t absolutely love and only keep things that make you happy.
  2. Find creative storage solutions. Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with your storage solutions. Think outside the box and find unique ways to store your belongings.
  3. Use every inch of space wisely. In a small space, you can’t afford to waste any space. Make sure you are using every inch wisely by utilizing vertical space and storage furniture that serves multiple purposes. You can even use your walls to hang some items. Lastly, never buy more than you need. Don’t go out and buy a large shelf or piece of furniture if all you need is something smaller. It will save you time and money.

2) Rent a storage unit

There are many benefits to renting a storage unit, especially if you live in a small home. Storage units provide an extra space to store belongings and can also be used as a workspace. Plus, they can help keep your home organized and tidy. Here are five craft storage secrets for small homes

-Use pegboards: Pegboards are great for holding materials that need to stay up off the ground. They can also hold tools or other items that may not be used often but need easy access when needed.

-Use racks: Racks with shelves on them will allow you to maximize every inch of space available by stacking materials or supplies vertically on the shelves. It’s also important to stack light items like fabric on top of heavier items like boxes of beads so it won’t tip over.

-Use baskets: If a lot of things are constantly being taken out and put back in, use baskets instead of bins or plastic containers so that everything has its own spot and is easily found again later. Baskets can also be stacked and stored together, saving room on the floor. It’s helpful to label baskets too! For example, one could have a basket labeled beads while another basket could have fabric.

-Label everything: Label any container you might use to store something so it’ll be easier to find what you’re looking for when needed. Tape labels on containers, draw pictures on the outside of bins or even make little tags out of paper and glue them onto anything that needs labeling.

-Create shelves: Shelves can come in handy if there isn’t enough wall space available in your home.

3) Organize what you are keeping

  1. Make a list of everything you need to store. This will help you determine what type and size of storage containers you need.
  2. Label everything. This will help you find things quickly and keep your craft space organized.
  3. Use clear storage containers. This will help you see what is inside and find things quickly.
  4. Stack things vertically. This will save space and make it easier to find things.
  5. Use a bulletin board or wall organizer to store frequently used items. This will save space and keep things within reach.
  6. Store out-of-season items in bins or totes. This will make them easy to find when you need them and keep your craft space from getting cluttered. 7. Consider using the floor. The floor can be an underutilized place to store items such as wrapping paper, fabric, boxes, toys, and more!
  7. Clear off the countertops in your craft room at least once per week (unless you have an island). The countertops are often overlooked storage areas that can be turned into extra shelving or surface area with some creativity!
  8. Organize all the scrapbooking supplies in one area (or multiple areas) so they are easily accessible but not taking up too much space on shelves/in drawers/etc.

4) Figure out what needs to go

Do you have a small home, but a big passion for crafting? If so, you might be wondering how to store all of your supplies without taking up too much space. Luckily, there are a few craft storage secrets that can help. The first is to get creative with the way you store items like fabric, thread and sewing notions. Use bags instead of boxes or bins.

Tuck them into corners or above the sofa in order to keep them out of sight. The second tip is to invest in some high-quality shelves, which can easily be moved around and hidden when not in use. Thirdly, consider hanging a shelf on the wall over your bed or under the stairs where it will provide extra storage and will free up floor space as well as adding visual interest.

Finally, don’t forget about places like top kitchen cabinets and closets when looking for additional spaces! Have any more ideas for storing crafting supplies? Share them in the comments below!

What do you think of these ideas? Did they give you any fresh inspiration for creating some DIY crafting storage solutions in your own home? What works best for you when organising your crafts and hobbies? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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