Best Free WordPress Backup Plugin 2021


UpdraftPlus is one of the famous plugins in WordPress. It is the major duty to secure backup data from CMS and another place which is related. It has features very worthy and useful in WordPress. UpdraftPlus has a large space to save data. You can easily use it;

It is not required to have good skills, which you should have. Its option has very easy. Just click on that. That will help automatically for instant results.

Don’t get risk your backups Data

Don’t get to rick about your backups data because UpdraftPlus keep your data secure, your secretes are very important. It can be wrong for some time or can be it’s hacked, for that reason you should be a backup data in UpdraftPlus.  You can use it, keep it secure for your own information.

Jetpack plugin

Jetpack plugin made by WordPress experts for secure backups data in your website. It is the main purpose to keep secure from the hacker spammer and other bad bugs.

Jetpack security, performance, marketing, and design tools are excellent that is all tools that help your site to grow your performance of traffic and built attractable your site, also makes your site speed fast. It has a very good option for a very quick response.

If you want to run your new business, the jetpack is one of the security providers, you can easy to use it, and you can conduct WordPress site security including auto real-time backups and easy restores and spam protection.

It has the very best features like brute force protection and downtime and uptime also you can adjust other options as you want.

BackupBuddy Plugin

BackupBuddy is the popular WordPress backup plugin that you can easily install on any new website.  When It generates a backup of your site, you can all zip files download easily. It is a very easy method. You click on an option. It will help automatically open the new option.


BackupBuddy offers Backups features

1 Backup Profile and Directory Exclusions- It will keep your Backups data from only the database.

2 Set your Schedule, It will automate the backup of your data on a daily basis.

3 It will keep to securely store your Backups safely offsite. BackupBuddy contains support for Amazon S3, DropBox, Google Drive, Rackspace, you can easy backups safely offsite


BackWPup plugin


BackWPup is the most valuable plugin in WordPress. It users 11 million above, It offers users’ special packages. The Major duty of the BackWPup plugin is to secure your complete installations WP-content and push them to an external Backup Service, We have prepared a list. You can see the list below. It will help your awareness of the BackWPup plugin.


You must be known about the free version

You must be known about the free version. It will not be supported as best as the BackWpup Pro Version. Get the premium version; it will support first-class features like…

  1. Generate a file with installed plugins
  2. Optimize Database
  3. Check and repair Database
  4. File backup
  5. Backups in zip, tar, tar.gz format
  6. Store backup to a directory
  7. Store backup to FTP server
  8. Store backup to Dropbox
  9. Store backup to S3 services
  10. Store backup to Microsoft Azure
  11. Store backup to RackSpaceCloud
  12. Store backup to SugarSync
  13. PRO: Store backup to Amazon Glacier
  14. PRO: Store backup to Google Drive
  15. PRO: Store backup to OneDrive
  16. PRO: Store backup to HiDrive
  17. Send logs and backups by email
  18. Multi-site support only as of the network admin

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