Foods that are unhealthy to refrigerate?

We all know that the refrigerator is a useful invention in the modern age that is beneficial to use, but the refrigerator is not necessarily the best place for everything.

It has become a norm in our society that everything is given in the fridge, but now most women are so used to the fridge that they consider it reliable for everything from baby syrups to their cosmetics.

Experts say that the refrigerator is not only a suitable place for all kinds of food items but in some cases, it also causes harm to health. Today in this story we are giving you information about the items that are not useful to keep in the fridge.


Coffee has the ability to absorb the aroma of the surrounding objects while keeping it in the refrigerator creates moisture and odor inside it. On the other hand, repeated opening of the refrigerator door causes the temperature to rise and fall, which creates moisture in the coffee. The best way is to keep the coffee in an airtight jar (a jar that does not allow air to enter) at room temperature.


Potato is one of the few vegetables that is found in all seasons. Potatoes contain starch, which is a great source of energy for the body. Contains fiber, calcium, iron, and vitamins. Cold temperatures prevent the starch in potatoes from turning into sugar, which can change the natural taste of potatoes. The refrigerator usually has a temperature of 35 degrees to 38 degrees, while 45 degrees is the best temperature for storing potatoes.

This is the best way

Sunlight can damage potatoes, so they should be stored in a relatively cool, dark place without washing. If possible, keep them in a sack or paper bag that can be used as needed.


Onions also contain starch, which needs dark and cool temperatures to be useful for a long time. Now, this may have immediately come to your mind the idea of ​​a refrigerator, but doing so creates moisture in the onion, which spoils it quickly. That is why onions should be kept in a dark ventilated place.

This is the best way

Do not keep both onions and potatoes together as onions release gas and moisture which can spoil the potatoes.


Honey should always be kept at room temperature, which may be the best choice in this regard.


Why is it not advisable to refrigerate garlic? This is because the natural moisture found in garlic when stored in the refrigerator causes it to rot. It is best to keep garlic in an open, cool, and dark place, as this will not only prevent the garlic from spoiling but will also allow you to use it for a longer period of time. Separating garlic lice can also be a problem.


Bread is something that is usually consumed in two days. In that case, keeping bread in the fridge is foolish. Refrigerating bread where it is hard also makes it taste bad. The best way to keep bread at room temperature is to seal it well and if you want to store bread for more than two weeks, keep it in the freezer. Frozen bread can be used after being fried or roasted.

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