Emerald Green is the Jewel Tone That Will Reign Supreme This Fall

The Pantone color of the year has been revealed, and it’s one of the coolest yet. The color experts at Pantone have named Emerald Green their 2022 Color of the Year, and we can’t wait to see how designers work with this gem of a hue! Read on to learn more about why Emerald Green was selected as the 2022 Color of the Year and how you can incorporate it into your own home design schemes this fall season.


6 Colors To Help You Survive the End of Summer

As we transition from summer to fall, our wardrobe choices become more important. The colors we choose can either make us look like we’re holding on to summer or help us ease into the new season. Here are seven colors that will help you make the transition:

  1. Emerald green For those of you who want to look festive but still keep a sense of chill in your wardrobe, try adding emerald green pieces. Whether it’s a maxi dress or a chic cardigan, this jewel tone will stand out in any outfit.
  2. Yellow ochre: Yellow ochre might not be as popular as other jewel tones, but it’s an excellent color for transitioning between seasons because it looks great with any other shade of blue or pink.
  3. Mustard yellow: Like yellow ochre, mustard yellow provides an earthy feel while remaining fresh and airy at the same time—perfect for transitioning from warm months to cooler ones without sacrificing your unique style.
  4. Fuchsia fiesta fuchsia Fiesta might have been more seasonally appropriate had it debuted earlier in summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate its bold shades into your fall wardrobe! A striking fuchsia top or skirt makes a bright addition to all-black outfits, proving that you don’t need to go overboard on fall fashion until later on in September.
  5. Burnt orange: While hues like red aren’t technically considered autumn colors (they’re associated with heat!), there’s something about burnt orange that makes it perfect for late summer and early fall wearings.

6. Chocolate brown: How else are we supposed to transition from summer sandals into winter boots? You may think that chocolate brown shoes are too heavy to wear before December, but they’re actually quite versatile. When paired with denim jeans or black skirts, these versatile shoes are ready for anything the weather throws at them.


Wear Color First

Color has always been a huge part of my personal style. I love to experiment with different shades and hues, but there’s one color that always stands out to me: emerald green.

It’s regal, yet approachable; bold, but not overwhelming. This fall, I predict that emerald green will be the jewel tone that reigns supreme. Here’s how you can wear it this season. Whether it’s in a dress or an accessory, emerald green looks best when paired with muted colors like taupe or blush pink.


Layer your new-found favorite hue with other eye-catching pieces like chunky statement necklaces or lace-up booties for that wow factor! Pair your go-to jeans with a feminine sleeveless top in emerald green. Or opt for cozy winter staples like scarves, earmuffs, and gloves in the same shade. Emerald green also makes a beautiful backdrop to any neutral color palette–pair it with cognac brown boots or gray sweaters.


You’ll never have trouble finding ways to incorporate this timeless color into your wardrobe again! What are some of your favorite ways to wear emerald green? Let me know below. Have fun styling this fall’s most dominant color! I want to hear all about what you do with emerald green. Comment below with your favorite way to rock this color.


Pair it with neutrals

One of the best ways to wear emerald green is to pair it with neutrals. Neutrals like black, white, and gray can help tone down the jewel tone so it’s not too overwhelming. Plus, these colors will help make your emerald green piece pop.

To get started, try pairing your emerald green sweater with a pair of black jeans and white sneakers. Then, switch things up by wearing an emerald green dress with nude heels. No matter how you style it, you’re sure to look chic in this fall favorite.


Go for monochromatic looks

When it comes to putting together an outfit, one of the easiest ways to look chic is to go for a monochromatic look. And what better color to rock this fall than emerald green? Whether you go for a head-to-toe green look or simply pair a green top with black pants, you can’t go wrong. Here are some tips for pulling off this trend without looking like you’re trying too hard:


– A key tip for wearing any color is not to overdo it. Don’t choose too many different shades in one outfit because it will clash and overwhelm your senses.


– You don’t need to spend lots of money on new clothes if all you want is a new hue in your wardrobe; just shop your closet! There’s no shame in sporting last year’s style as long as you know how to dress it up and make it current. For example, a basic white button down shirt would work great with jeans and booties now, but may have looked drab when paired with shorts last summer.


Exaggerate by accessorizing

Fall is the perfect time to break out your emerald green accessories. This jewel tone is perfect for adding a pop of color to any outfit. Add an emerald green scarf to your favorite fall sweater or pair it with a cute pair of booties. You can also use emerald green to accessorize your home. Add a few throw pillows in this rich hue to give your living room a fall makeover.


And if you’re still looking for more inspiration, here are a few beautiful ways to incorporate emerald green into your wardrobe and home.

If you’re still on the fence about how to wear emerald green pieces, start small. Instead of going all-out by sporting an entire emerald green ensemble, try just adding a single piece that has hints of olive or jade into your look.


Once you get comfortable wearing these tones together, move onto layering different shades together until you have created several new outfits from just one piece! When choosing jewelry and footwear pieces, stick to long necklaces that hang low on your chest instead of shorter ones that will only draw attention upward. Ankle boots are another great choice because they balance out maxi dresses and billowy midi skirts while giving off major style points at work parties.


Stick to jewel tones like emerald green, amethyst purple, sapphire blue, ruby red and sunset orange.

As we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall, our fashion choices start to change. We put away our flowy dresses and short shorts, and start to reach for more structured pieces and heavier fabrics. And what better way to welcome the new season than with a fresh pop of color? This year, jewel tones are having a moment.


From amethyst purple to sapphire blue, ruby red and sunset orange, there’s a shade for everyone. But our favorite? Emerald green. It’s perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any outfit, whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or just want to make your everyday look a little more glam.


Keep your makeup neutral

Emerald green is a stunning jewel tone that can be difficult to style. To make your emerald green clothing work for you this fall, keep your makeup fairly neutral. A light foundation with a pink or peach blush will help to brighten up your face without taking away from the emerald green clothing. A nude or light pink lip color will also work well. For your eyes, consider using a light brown or taupe eyeshadow and mascara. This will help to bring out the green in your clothing without being too over-the-top.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with color on your nails

Emerald green is a beautiful color that can be worn on your nails. It’s perfect for fall, and it will definitely make your nails stand out. If you’re not sure how to wear emerald green, don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to experiment with this jewel tone. You can go for a classic green shade, or you can try something a little more daring like a glittery green or even an emerald green ombre.

Whatever you choose, you’re sure to turn heads with this stunning shade. For example, if you’re going for a classic look, then opt for a solid emerald green nail polish. The most popular brands have all sorts of colors available in this shade, so it’s easy to find one that suits your style.

If you want something a little more daring though, opt for some subtle patterns on top of the base color- they’ll give your nails a pop! You can also get creative with cuticle art by using either black or gold paint to create an ombre effect on your tips.

These colors match perfectly with any skin tone and bring attention right where you want it: On your nails! You may also be interested in trying out a lighter version of the green hue as well, which could serve as the perfect transitional color into summer time hues.

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