iPhone 14: Here’s Everything We Know So Far

The iPhone 14 has been in the news a lot lately, with many companies and analysts weighing in on when Apple plans to release its next major smartphone upgrade. While there’s still plenty of speculation surrounding the phone’s launch date, its specs, and the new features it will bring, we do know quite a bit about what to expect from the next iPhone so far (so far!). Here’s everything we know so far about the iPhone 14!

New Design

Apple is set to release their newest iPhone on September 17th at 10am PST. The event will take place in the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park, the company’s new headquarters. This will be the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone and an invite was sent out saying This changes everything.

Speculation is rampant about what features this new model will have, but here are a few things we do know about it so far… First off, leaks have shown that the phone will come with some sort of all-screen design with little bezels around the edges and some rumors say that Face ID could replace Touch ID.

Another leaked image shows what appears to be a dual-lens camera system which might mean you’ll get DSLR quality photos from your phone. And finally, there has been talk about what’s called Gigabit LTE connectivity which means super fast download speeds for streaming videos or music without waiting for buffering time. With all these cool new updates for this next generation of iPhones (the name still isn’t confirmed) we’re really excited to see how they all turn out! What are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!

One feature missing though is wireless charging, something many fans were hoping would show up on this year’s model. There was also a rumor that stated Apple was working with Energous to bring wireless charging capabilities to devices as early as 2017, although now those talks may have broken down .

On top of all of these exciting developments, rumours have started swirling about 3 different models of phones instead of just one like previous years. While an LCD version is speculated for fall release and another high end OLED version scheduled for launch in 2018 , we don’t yet know exactly what kind or quantity should expect when preorders open up later today! So many questions… It sure will be interesting to see how long it takes before we find out anything concrete enough to satisfy our curiosity!

 New Operating System

Apple is preparing for the release of their next operating system. With little information out there about the details, here are some things we know so far. This update will not be called iOS 13 because Apple has run out of numbers to use. The next update is set to bring a variety of new features, including improved parental controls and a tool to help users avoid phone addiction.

When this software launches in 2020, it will only be available on certain Apple devices. It will be compatible with the iPhone SE and newer models, as well as iPad Pro 11-inch or newer models. Other iPads released after 2019 won’t work with this upgrade, which means they’ll have to stay on an older version of iOS until 2020 at least.

 New Features

– Screen size increased to 18

– Support for two SIM cards at once

– A new health app that tracks blood pressure, heart rate, glucose levels and more

– New design with no home button or headphone jack (wireless headphones will be sold separately)

– High-speed wireless charging (comes standard)

– More color options: white, gray, blue, red and gold. Prices will start at $1,399 for the iPhone 14 and go up from there depending on storage size. Apple has also released a cheaper version of the iPhone 14 called the iPhone 15s. It’s available in black only, starts at $999 and doesn’t have a high-end camera lens or fingerprint sensor like its older brother. Preorders are now open!

 Pricing, Availability, and Color Options

We know that Apple will release a new iPhone in the fall. That much is certain. And when it does, we’re all speculating on what the phone will look like and how much it’ll cost. But for now, all we can do is wait and see what Apple has in store this time around.

The only confirmed thing so far is that new iPhones will be coming out in September. Prices have yet to be announced, but based on past releases they could range from $650 to $1000, depending on storage capacity and whether you opt for the newest model or last year’s version with a lower price tag. Availability might vary by country, as well. If you want to purchase an iPhone right away, be sure to check which countries are included in the pre-order phase at each company’s website.

Last year, some people had trouble getting their hands on an iPhone 7 while supplies lasted. Another factor is color options–usually white phones are released first and then other colors become available later on in the season. What colors will we see this year? With rumors swirling about a potential gold-colored upgrade, our guess would be that space gray or black phones will come first before any of the colorful choices arrive later on down the line.

 Plus a few more awesome rumors

In addition to what we’ve heard so far, there are a few other rumors floating around.

  • Another rumor states that the phone will be called the iPhone 11s and not iPhone 12. However, with iOS 13 only being an upgrade instead of a major release (as is typical of Apple), this seems unlikely. Still, it could happen.
  • Apple may have switched from OLED screens to MicroLED screens for their new iPhones.
  • It is rumored that the phone will use Intel’s 10nm process technology for battery and CPU power efficiency. And finally, we can’t forget about price! The rumor mill predicts the cost of these phones will start at $699 for the 64GB model. If you’re looking to buy a new iPhone but don’t want to pay that much, remember you can get refurbished models starting at $450.

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