Nutella Chocolate Cake Recipe

Full preparation Time

This is a very easy recipe for making a Nutella Chocolate Cake, first of all, it times takes 16 minutes to collect all ingredients, and it will be good for you when you have all ingredients of Nutella Chocolate cake.

Then you can easily make it a recipe. Here your interest should be. Then you can make a delicious cake with a yummy taste.

Time Required

In all recipes of Delicious dishes, Must have the time required, without time requires you can’t make yummy dishes, But It recipe only time takes 40 minutes to make, according to these ingredients.

Just only 3 persons can eat the Nutella chocolate cake or then it depends on the quantity of your ingredients. Much quantity, many people can eat Chocolate Cake.

Nutella Chocolate Cake Recipe includes 8 ingredients

  1. A cup of flour
  2. One and a half cups of nutty chocolate
  3. Three eggs
  4. A cup of powdered sugar
  5. Baking powder a teaspoon
  6. A cup of fresh cream
  7. Half a cup of walnut kernels
  8. Half a cup of margarine or butter


Step by Step Instructions for Making Nutella Chocolate Cake

  • Mix the baking powder in the flour and sift it. In a large bowl, including flour, sugar, eggs, margarine or butter and middle a cup of Natilla chocolate. Fry this mixture with the help of an electric batter
  • Put the prepared mixture in a greased cake pan and bake in the oven heated to 180C for twenty to twenty-five minutes.
  • Sprinkle the iced cream with Natalie chocolate
  • Take the cake out of the oven and when it cools down a bit, put the prepared Natilla cream on it
  • Start by cooling the ice by garnishing with small pieces of walnut kernels.

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