Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Review: The Best True Wireless Earbuds Yet

When it comes to headphones, Samsung may not be the first brand that springs to mind. However, the company has recently launched a pair of wireless earbuds that might just change that perception. In this Samsung Galaxy Buds live review, we’ll look at how these devices stack up against true wireless rivals like Apple AirPods and TicPods Free, based on sound quality, design, comfort and more. Spoiler alert – they do really well!

Design and Build Quality

The moment you open the box, you will be pleased to see that these earbuds are beautifully designed and of a high quality. They come with 5 sets of replacement ear gels in different sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your ears, plus a carrying case with an integrated magnetic charger. I liked how light they were – this made them more comfortable than some of my heavier wired buds.

The only downside was that there was no volume control for Google Play Music (Android). However, when connected to Apple devices via bluetooth the functionality returned and was just as easy to use as volume controls on the AirPods. This makes Samsung Galaxy Buds an excellent option for those who own both Android and Apple devices. For iPhone users, it’s best to pair through the bluetooth settings menu. Once paired, all audio will play wirelessly through the buds. For Android users, pairing is done through Google Assistant which is built into most Android phones now.

You can also switch between audio sources manually if needed by holding down on one of the two physical buttons near each bud and tapping either Next or Previous which allow you to switch back and forth between music tracks without disconnecting from your phone completely.

 Sound Quality (Music and Calls)

The first thing I noticed when listening to music on the Samsung Galaxy Buds was that there is an ethereal quality to the sound. You might expect a neckband-style device to have harsher highs or lower lows, but that’s not the case here. High notes come through clear and bright, while low-end bass gives tracks like Daft Punk’s Alive a nice boost without becoming overpowering. What’s more, there is no distortion even at higher volumes, meaning you can blast your favorite songs all day without wearing out your ears.

The ergonomic design of the neckband helps keep everything in place as well. A number of other true wireless earbuds have similar designs with adjustable earhooks to help keep them secure during vigorous activity. However, these buds feel much more comfortable than their counterparts because they’re light and unobtrusive. Even after hours of use, my ears never got tired thanks to the soft silicone tips that came installed on the buds themselves (the tips are also replaceable).

It would be nice if Samsung included a few different sizes so people could customize the fit, but it’s not necessary.

It doesn’t matter what type of music you listen to; whether it be rock, country, pop, classical… the performance is excellent across genres. If you’re looking for something affordable with excellent sound and comfort that won’t fall out every time you get up from your desk or couch… look no further than the Samsung Galaxy Buds!

Battery Life

I’ve been living with the Samsung Galaxy Buds for a couple of weeks now and they are by far the best true wireless earbuds I’ve ever tried. From their impressive battery life to the great sound and fit, these buds have me convinced that truly wireless earphones might finally be here to stay.

For $129.99, you’re getting a great deal when considering all that these offer, including strong Bluetooth performance on both Android and iOS devices, fantastic sound quality for listening to music or even just turning on your favorite podcast, or hands-free calling on compatible smartphones! And if you’re one of those people who likes peace and quiet while reading in bed before sleeping each night then this is a set of earphones you’ll love. The noise cancellation feature keeps everything else out so you can focus on what’s important – being able to hear every word.

I’m really excited about how comfortable these feel, as well as how well they fit and don’t slip out easily. Plus, there’s no need to worry about cables tangling up anymore because there aren’t any wires connecting them together!

A few minor drawbacks do exist but overall it’s hard not to recommend the Samsung Galaxy Buds if you’re looking for a pair of wireless earbuds that won’t disappoint.

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