The Best Free iPad Apps of 2022 (So Far)

It’s hard to keep up with the best free iPad apps that are hitting the App Store, but here are the best free iPad apps we’ve tried so far this year. These apps are all free and were developed by some of the top companies in mobile gaming, such as Electronic Arts, Bandai Namco, Capcom, Square Enix, Sega and more! Have you tried any of these iPad games yet? Let us know in the comments below!

Game picks

Keep It is a word game in which players have to keep the letters from collapsing by swapping them with the tiles on the board. It’s free and similar to Boggle or Scrabble. Forest is a puzzle game in which you play as an animal that has to find its way through the forest by solving puzzles along the way.

It’s free, comes with 60 levels, and has great visuals and audio. Toca House is an animated dollhouse for kids that lets them use their imagination for designing houses, cities, neighborhoods, or anything else they want! Its free with some in-app purchases that might not be necessary. NameTerrific turns your name into a personalized quiz that quizzes you on words spelled exactly like your name! Fun! Kids love this app.

With the questions about what kind of food do you eat, where are you from, and what’s your favorite color? What’s yours? My favorite was ‘What sound does Jane make?’ I had no idea but it turned out I was a ‘happy Janie.’ ‘I love NameTerrific!’ one commenter wrote. Another user said: ‘This is so cool! You should also ask how many siblings I have too!’ And another player chimed in: ‘Love this!! So cute and clever!!’ SketchPAD is the perfect drawing app for any artist – especially if you’re just starting out because there are tons of tools and tutorials available!

Whisperings offers a calming experience to help people fall asleep – just listen without looking at your phone screen.

Nightstand Central turns any iPhone into an alarm clock – set multiple alarms with different tones, brightness settings, snooze intervals, etc.

Chess3D allows you to take on friends or opponents all over the world while playing chess in 3D environments with intuitive gestures controls. Mood Mapper is mood mapping software designed to map mood patterns among individuals or groups at home or work over time.

 Entertainment picks

It’s getting harder and harder to be productive when there are so many apps vying for our attention. But some are better than others, whether you’re after an app that can help with your work or keep the kids entertained during a long car ride. Here’s a list of some worth downloading today:

Evernote – The notes app that stores everything from to-do lists to recipes is an obvious choice for anyone trying to simplify their digital life. Google Drive – Store your files securely on this cloud-based storage system, accessed anywhere you have Internet access through Google’s apps. Pocket – Keep track of anything you want to read later on the free app, which syncs content saved offline so it will always be available if your connection isn’t reliable enough at the time. Audible – Listen to any one of Audible’s 180,000 audio books anytime, anywhere.

If you already subscribe to Amazon Prime, this might be your best option for enjoying reading materials outside of Kindle Unlimited. iMovie – Add photos and video clips into a movie project or share it with friends via social media or email.

Evernote has had about 6 million downloads in 2018 alone, but also notice how many other great apps were mentioned like Spotify as well as Trello too! You could check out some blogs about what the top 10 best iOS games are in 2020 as well since those are fun too! Or maybe the best Windows phone apps 2020 for Android users who would rather not switch operating systems? Either way, there are plenty of apps worth checking out.

For example, these are just a few more of our favorites: Trello – A group-based task management system, where each person holds responsibility for their own projects. Flips Learning – An interactive library of narrated textbooks in various subjects like math and science. Netflix – A popular streaming service with lots of movies and TV shows to choose from.

iBooks – Choose ebooks from over 3 million titles–or read one that’s being made into a movie or TV show–with Apple’s store front app. YouTube Kids – Get rid of all the questionable YouTube videos by letting parents filter channels by things like age appropriateness, safety settings, upload date, etcetera!

 Kids and educational picks

Duolingo for Kids is the perfect app for parents who want to encourage their kids to learn another language but are looking for something a little different than a textbook. Radiolab is great if you’re an aspiring science lover or if you’ve ever wanted to know more about our world and how it works. BBC Earth will educate and entertain your whole family as it teaches all about animals, oceans, deserts, rainforests, and beyond.

What would a list be without this incredible encyclopedia? It’s loaded with images, animations, and 3D models that can be manipulated so that anyone from children to adults can explore the intricate beauty of this living planet. Lastly, we couldn’t make this list without including Minecraft because it has been consistently popular since its release in 2011! It’s one of those games that doesn’t feel like work – while playing Minecraft you get lost in building castles with friends or sailing across an ocean. Whatever type of game you’re into, there’s a pretty good chance that there’s a version available on iOS devices.

For example, 2048 has been wildly popular on social media sites and mobile phones for years now, and there are at least four versions available in the App Store alone. For all other gamers out there who love classic RPGs: The Bard’s Tale is coming soon to iOS thanks to Steamroller Studios. If you prefer crafting and sandbox games instead, Terra Incognita looks like it’ll be worth trying when it releases later this year. And lastly, time management fans should keep an eye out for Doodle Fit 2—coming soon!

Social media and news picks

Aside from being able to run a few programs in the background while you’re using it, the Kindle app is an excellent program for your iPad that allows you to read virtually any book that’s been converted into digital format. It’s well worth downloading as soon as possible, as this wonderful tool should be around for a while yet.

These days it seems like most people are checking their news through Facebook or Twitter, but if you want something a little more direct there are plenty of sources for you to choose from. And one we particularly enjoy is News360: it has information from 190 countries and in 34 languages, with trending topics readily available. The only downside is that sometimes it’s a bit too much, so you may need to scroll through until you find what you’re looking for. But other than that it’s great!

If social media is more your thing then make sure to download the Instagram app before 2022 rolls around – although there are many apps on the market these days which offer similar features.

Productivity, utilities, and other picks

  1. The New York Times is the best news app because it has a wealth of in-depth articles that can be accessed and saved for offline reading, without additional fees.
  2. The Plant Guide is an invaluable resource that helps you identify plants by appearance as well as name.
  3.  Amazon Prime Video offers a variety of great films, both new and old, including Pixar films with no extra charge to buy or rent movies in HD or 4K quality with Dolby Atmos soundtracks on compatible devices like Apple TV 4K or Dolby Vision TV models from Vizio, LG and Sony. The free tier includes many short films and ad-supported content from networks like HBO®, Cinemax® & Showtime® .

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