The Negative Impact of Digital Technology

Technology is incredible. It makes our life easier and everything ten times more accessible. Convenience has been redefined forever and shopping, entertainment, business, education, work and travel are just a few sectors that have been transformed.

Digital technology has enabled us to access convenience with smaller, faster, and lighter devices.
While for the most part digital technology is a positive change and life will never be the same again without its impact, it also comes with a list of cons that people don’t talk about. Luckily, we’re here to drop in some valuable insight on the disadvantages of digital technology, so keep reading!

Data Breach

We all carry phones, tablets, or laptops with us almost everywhere. These devices hold valuable and confidential data and information on us that can easily be manipulated if fallen into the wrong hands. Your private data and confidential information are always vulnerable to a data breach.

Criminals, hackers, business adversaries, rivals, and terrorists can easily access vast amounts of data easily in today’s time, especially since everything is digitized and keeping data safe is ten times more difficult.

Social Disconnect

Digital technology gave digital connectivity a significant boost, which has also inevitably and significantly reduced the tendency of real-life human communication and interaction taking place. The social disconnect in real life that comes from being on our phones all the time is real.

It’s easy to feel isolated and disconnected in today’s time when an actual human interaction was the only way to maintain real-life contact. The chances of going into social isolation, depression, and developing other kinds of mental illnesses are quite high in this tech-driven age.

Privacy Concerns

It’s ten times harder to maintain a private life in this digital age. And we’re not just talking about the basic concern of every online user- data breach – we’re focusing on the lack of privacy one has offline as well. With a fast and stable connection like the one AT&T internet deals offer, it’s easy to Google and find anyone online! Everyone is just one search away from finding tons of information about you online and that speaks volumes about the limited privacy one has in today’s time.

It’s easy to find photos, videos, social media accounts, and whatnot online. Moreover, CCTVs and digital cameras all across town record and watch every single move we do in public spaces. Limited freedom and lack of privacy is major downside to digital technology.

Job Insecurity

Gone are the days when you had to be physically present at the office to do work. Remote working is the newest change we’ve learned to embrace ever since COVID-19 hit. But now that most tasks and processes are accessible via the internet, it’s possible to get work done without leaving the comfort of our own homes.
Conversely, it also means that computers and machines and third-world workers who actually need the job can easily replace you.

Technology and technological evolution is a major threat to the human workforce in the industry.

Media Manipulation

Video, photos, and audio we post online on social media platforms and blogs are easy to edit. So the possibility of always having your photographs, videos, or voice recordings doctored or used to create something that is not real is always there.

To Wrap It Up

Every new change in the world comes with a list of pros and cons. Digital technology definitely has a lot of benefits and changed our life for the better, but we cannot ignore the negative impact it causes in today’s time. The lack of privacy, data breaches, manipulation, job insecurity, and social disconnect are just a few downsides of digital technology but with better learning and unlearning, we can definitely embrace digital technology for the better in the long run.


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