The Story Of The UEFA Euro Cup

In 1904, France was one of the founding members of FIFA (the FIFA World Cup) in the history of football, and then Robert Guerin of France was elected the first president of FIFA.


Henry Dolonna under the term “Pan-European”

The name of France also appears on the top of the world sports board. Just a few days ago, the best matches of the French Open tennis were seen there. On June 10, 2016, the best football matches in the UEFA Euro Cup started. This will continue till July 10, 2016. The highest publicity of this event on electronic media and social media has compelled the fans not only to be more interested in watching it this time but also to see its historical significance. Learn.

Henry Dolona Trophy:

In 1904, France was one of the founding members of FIFA (Football World Cup) in the history of football, and then Robert Guerin of France was elected the first president of FIFA. Henry Dolona, under the term “Pan-European”, proposed the European Football Cup, emphasizing the individual identity of Europeans in football, which took more or less two decades to develop but to establish. Not only did Henry win, but he was also elected the first General Secretary of the European Cup.

Henry’s life did not last long and, he died in 1955, after which his son Pierre Dolona stepped in with the organization and unanimously renamed the European Football Cup the “Henry Dolona Trophy” as a tribute to Henry’s services. Was presented and it was decided to hold another tournament. In the opening ceremony in Moscow in 1958, the match was between the Soviet Union and Hungary, in which the Soviet Union won 1-3.

France first host

The next stage was the regular Euro Cup tournament, the final of which was played for the first time in Paris in July 1960, as France had the honour of hosting the first. Interestingly, the Eastern Bloc countries participated in the event in large numbers, while the Netherlands, England, West Germany and Italy were absent.

Spain also refused to play in the quarterfinals in protest against the Soviet Union. Initially, Spain was one of the 17 teams in which a lottery was drawn to decide which two teams would compete in a regular 16-team tournament.Czechoslovakia and Ireland were drawn and Chiko Slovakia won the match. However, the final Euro football match in Paris was between the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, which was very interesting until the last minute, and then in the extra time, the Soviet Union won 1-2 and entered the first event of the Euro Cup. Taken

1964 Euro Cup in Spain:

Was held and that year, except for West Germany, 29 European countries took part in the event. 26 countries came forward with the best competitions. Greece later withdrew from the event when it was scheduled to face Albania.The reason was the war situation between the two countries. The Eastern European bloc dominated the event, but the final was between hosts Spain and the Soviet Union, who failed to defend their title and Spain, won 1-2. Spain became the first country to win the Euro Trophy in hosting.

Another 12 Euro football cup from 1968 to 2012

K events are held every 4 years in which interesting events and finals were seen.
﴾In 1968, the UEFA European Nations Cup has first renamed the UEFA European Championship.

UEFA stands for “Union of European Football Associations

﴾In 1968, the host country was Italy and West Germany entered the tournament for the first time, although they lost to Yugoslavia and Albania in the first round and were eliminated from the event. However, 31 countries participated.
﴾A 1968 semi-final between Italy and the Soviet Union, which ended in a 0-0 draw in overtime, was decided for the first and last time on a coin toss.

Which was in favour of Italy, in the final on July 8, when Italy faced Yugoslavia, the match was drawn 1-1, after which the match was played again on July 10, and Italy defeated the host country Yugoslavia 0-2. Both won the trophy.


﴾The host country of the 1972 Euro Cup was Belgium and West Germany became the lion’s share. Defeated 0-3 in the final the Soviet Union, which also lost to Spain in the final in 1964, however, in this event, West Germany, got the top players for the future who also won the 1974 FIFA World Cup. When the Euro Cup was held in Yugoslavia in 1976, a new enthusiasm was seen in all the teams. World Cup champions and European defending champions West Germany and Czechoslovakia reached the final.

If the competition remains the same at the allotted time, the decision will be introduced for the first time in the event. Penalties were fired from both sides and after a total of 7 goals, when the goal could not be scored from the kick of West Germany’s Oli Honis, the goal was scored by Czechoslovakian player Antonin Panica’s famous kick and Czechoslovakia was declared the winner.

﴾In 1980, Italy once again hosted the 6th edition of the Euro Cup. But this time the rules and regulations of the tournament were changed and 8 major teams were brought to the fore in a group format. The final was between West Germany and Belgium which for the second time West Germany scored 2 goals to 1. Won﴾The host of the 1984 Euro Cup, France, once again after 1960, came to Spain in the final.The fans of France wanted their country to win the Henry Dolona trophy of football this time.Luck sided with France, defeating Spain 0-2 to become Euro Cup champions for the first time.

﴾The first Euro Cup was held in West Germany in 1988, but in the final match, the Netherlands defeated the Soviet Union 0-2 and won the trophy for the first time. ﴾Sweden is selected to host the 1992 Euro Cup. Yugoslavia was not allowed to attend the event due to political issues in their country. So Denmark and Germany (in the form of a union after the unification of East and West Germany) reached the final.The match went well and the Danish team defeated a big team like Germany and the world champion by 2 goals to 1 For the first time, they won a Euro Cup championship seat. It was also the first major tournament in which the names of the players were written on the back of their T-shirts.

﴾In 1996, England was at the forefront of hosting and his dream was to win the Euro Cup. For the first time, the tournament was dubbed “Euro Air” and this time 16 important teams were brought forward instead of 8, out of which England also reached the semi-finals. But in the semi-finals, they lost to Germany on penalty kicks after the allotted time. In 1968, England also lost to Yugoslavia in the semi-finals.

That’s why Germany reached the final once again and the Czech Republic,

which defeated them in 1976, reached the final. The match between the two countries was in full swing when the Czech Burger Penn scored the first goal in the 59th minute, but in the 73rd minute the German substitute Olivier Beerhof threw the ball from the head into the goal to level the match.In the 95th minute, the feat was once again shown by Olivier Beerhoff, who threw the ball into the goal under a back kick, which also fed the first “Golden Goal” in history.

Because, according to the rules,

the match ended immediately and Germany won the Henry Doulon trophy for the third time.﴾In 2004, Portugal, a major European country, hosted the UEFA Football Championship for the first time.After some great matches, the host country, Portugal, qualified for the final, followed by Greece. Greece beats hosts Portugal 0-1 on home soil to lift the trophy.﴾For the second time in 2008, the Euro Tournament was played jointly in Austria and Switzerland.

This year, the Henry Dolona Trophy was decorated and enlarged.Polando Ukraine co-hosted the 2012 Euro Football Cup and it is interesting to note that defending champions Spain were once again ready to play in the final against their opponents Italy. This 14th tournament in history was important because the first This is the first time that a country has suffered such a major defeat, ie Spain defeated Italy 4-0 and another country defended its title in the Euro Cup for the first time. In addition, Spain defeated Germany 3 times. Equalized the record of winning the UEFA Football Championship.

Spain also had the honour of winning the 2010 World Cup

. Germany is the winner of the 2014 World Cup.﴾The 15th Euro Cup 2016 has begun and France is hosting for the third time. In addition, the number of teams has been changed once again to include 24 teams in such a way that they are divided into six groups of four.

Two successful teams from each group will qualify for the Round of 16 (Pre-Quarterfinals). That is, the first 12 teams and then, 4 teams with more points out of 6 teams coming third in the same group will complete the count of 16.Between them, the next matches will be based on knockout. The outcome of this tournament will have to wait to be part of history.


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