How To Upload 360 Degree Photos To Facebook

You may have been looking at the beautiful picture on Facebook for the past few days. These pictures instruct you to hold your phone up and rotate it to see other parts of the picture. This is how to view so-called 360-degree images. The reality is that you do not want a particular camera or a particular application to upload your interactive pictures.


However, if you want to get a 360-degree camera, Facebook supports the following cameras. There are some kinds of Cameras, These are a little bit expensive, but that will inspire your desire.

  • Ricoh Theta S.
  • Giroptic 360 Cam
  • Samsung Gear 360
  • LG 360 Cam
  • IC Realtech Allie
  • 360 Fly
  • Panono


Each of these cameras captures the environment around you in a single shot, but it costs a lot more.

  • Your smartphone is better than the 360 camera. Why is better a smartphone than a camera because It provides a good opportunity, you can easily take a picture on the spot. You can also capture nature the beautiful around with you, It provides very quick services at the moment. Also, if you have a tablet, it can work best with this feature.It will also solve your problems on the spot. According to Facebook, this feature works on iPhone 4S, iPad Mini or iPadier and iPad Pro or other modern devices. Which are being used nowadays in the future. Android devices have not been added to your list, nor do Android devices appear to be in the near future. It can be useful for you. However, this feature will work on some Galaxy device like Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, and S21 and also like Galaxy Note 3 or later.

Then you need to take a panorama photo from your device. If you already have panorama photos in your camera roll, you just have to share them.

If you wish, you can upload the best 360-degree photos from Google Street View.

One thing to keep in mind is that when you upload a panorama photo, Facebook can say that this feature only works at 100 degrees or it can be little bit more than 100 degrees.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to know how big your image is (in degrees) or then what is the quality of the picture. If you do not want to take a full landscape photo, you will need to check the photo several times. You will take some pictures from your mobile phone. Then you will decide which the best picture for uploading.

Once the image will be created, upload it. Uploading panorama images is very easy. Just tap on the Photos tab like uploading a simple image and upload it just like a simple image but only one panorama image can be uploaded at a time.


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