Why take a picture with a DSLR now?

Why take a picture with a DSLR now? Here are some great ways to take great pictures with your mobile phone that will make the picture look good and make you look different.


Most of the young people nowadays use mobile phones because their pictures are very good and without using a DSLR camera, they can get very clear and clear results so that they can use their Facebook and Instagram photos. Excellent DP.

But they don’t know how to take good pictures, which is why they either take pictures on their friends’ mobiles or take pictures from DSLRs by paying expensive rent. If you also want to take a DSLR-like image from your mobile phone yourself, try our web tips today and improve your image quality.



When taking a picture, first of all, you have to set the camera of your mobile, that is, place your hand close to the object to be photographed and focus the camera of the mobile so that it does not move, and you are taking selfies. However, keep the mobile at a point from where your hand can be easily set and click, now after focusing on your click.

Such focus images will also be created. An image becomes good only when it has a good focus, the more original the look, the better the image will look.


Which camera?

The original cameras of some mobile phones are so good that they just need to focus, however, if your original camera is not good then you can download Instagram / Snapchat on your phone.

Because the cameras in these applications are high resolution, they are capable of capturing DSLR effect images. In Snapchat, you will find various cameras called DSLRs that decrease the background concentration and focus on the object being photographed.


Body language:

accurate body language is the most crucial thing in pictures, that is, if you also keep your facial expressions or expressions clear and do not create a fake look, then the picture looks good.

Always try to keep the mobile 1 foot away from you, close to it, the marks on your face will be clear and if away from it, it can be difficult to focus on, so consider these things as well. ۔


In front of sunlight:

When photographed in front of sunlight, it has the same original look as a DSLR. So always pay attention to the direction of light.

If you are standing against the light, the image will reflect the light from the shadow or the side, which will light up the face somewhere and not anywhere else.


 Extra Area:

After taking a photo, you can crop and edit all its non-extra areas, because sometimes you don’t want to hide the background or side objects when taking a photo, so editing each photo now is a must before loading. Do this and increase the brightness where appropriate.

One thing to remember is not to increase the brightness in each image, but also to have a dim effect in some, the choice of colours in some images or dim light clarifies the clearance of the image. You can also take a picture in the same way and find the DSLR sitting at home. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section on our Facebook page.


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