Vivo introduces its new imaging chip V1

A major breakthrough in technology, Vivo introduces its new imaging chip V1

Vivo recently unveiled its newly developed imaging chip V1 at a press event in Shenzhen, China.

“The V1 is a fully customized and merged circuit chip committed to leading visual feature in imaging and video applications. Is a major milestone in the development of R&D and chip design. Can solve. ”
Over the last 24 months, the Imaging Chip V1 has been created by more than 300 Vivo R&D and Imaging Lab experts. Will turn around: image system, operating system, industrial design and performance.

Mr According to Hu, Vivo will only consider developing chips with partners when there is a shortage of supply in the market suitable for Vivo key products and technical requirements, as well as being fully customized to support these long-term strategic tracks.

There is a great deal of demand for chips. Vivo will focus strategically, without chip manufacturing, on imitating the leading needs of consumers by developing IP designs and key innovative image processing algorithms.

Mr Hu added, “In addition to improving the visual aesthetics and imaging effects of Vivo’s products, the Imaging Chip V1 also aims to bring ideal experiences for consumers by channelling emotions through visual expressions. And committed to long-term capital in 4 tactics for creation, which will certainly satisfy even the best demanding high-end smartphone users. ”

In initial 2019, Vivo started merging design and user-driven creation with growing purchaser demands, culminating in 4 long-term strategic tracks. Is recruiting talented staff from
The imaging system is part of Vivo’s long-term strategic track.

Vivo has invested heavily in the sector over the past five years, achieving industry-leading achievements such as Gimbal Stabilization Technology and Selfie Spot Light. ZEISS Announces Long-Term Strategic Partnership in Mobile Imaging Innovation. Want to challenge boundaries.

Consumer Insights will implement a three-point strategy focusing on product planning, technical planning and technical pre-research to strike a balance between product and technology.

The Vivo Central explore Institute will be accountable for the organization upcoming technologies that will be closely linked to consumer demands, industry trends and purchaser scenarios.

Over the next 10 to 20 years, Vivo’s goal is to build great products based on DesignDrive Value, to build a bridge between consumers and the digital world so that consumers can easily access the mobile and digital experience. It will continue to implement a comprehensive development strategy with the vision of becoming a good, long-term world-class corporation.

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