The Story Of A Person Who Dreamed Of A Necluer Bomb

The Story Of A Person Who Dreamed Of A Necluer Bomb

Leo Zeillard Leo Zeillard was the first one to think that nuclear energy could make a horribly powerful bomb. Lisa Jardine sheds light on her scientific duties in light of this history. When I was a child, a large painting by the Hungarian physicist Leo Zeillard hung in our home. Leo Zeillard introduced Leo was … Read more


Anar Kali

The Glorious History Of Anar Kali The glorious history of the Mughal dynasty is replete with tales of love that ended well. If you look at the famous love stories of Shahjahan Mumtaz Mahal, Jahangir Noor Jahan, a name comes to mind along with them, the love story associated with it still saddens the hearts. … Read more

Tips For Glowing Skin

Tips For Glowing Skin

Skin Beauty The most important factor in the beauty of the face is our skin, which should never be overlooked. It will happen. Remember that this idea is completely wrong. If our skin is not refreshed, it will never have good make-up. The glow of the skin is the base of beauty. If the skin … Read more

World’s Best Batsman

World's Best Batsman

Top 10 Men ODI Batsmen In The World According To The International Cricket Council (ICC) 2021 At the moment there are 12 full-time players of the ICC, which contain Indian, Pakistan, England, South Africa, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Ireland, Sri Lanka, West Indies, and Zimbabwe. Out of these various teams, it gets complicated to … Read more

Eid Ul Adha and Women

Eid al-Adha

In our country, only a housewife has to do the housework. Whether a woman has a job or a housewife, she has to take care of the kitchen. This is a duty for which she does not get any compensation or leave. On holidays, she spends most of her time here. There is a long … Read more

Panadol Extra Uses

panadol extra

Inspection Panadol Extra Tablet is a medicine that is used for the treatment of Ear Pain, Headache, and Pain in Periods, Joint Pain, Cephalalgia, Toothache, Fever, Cold, Flu and other conditions. Panadol Extra Tablet contains Caffeine and Paracetamol as active ingredients. It is available in tablet form. Detailed information related to Panadol Extra Tablet’s uses, … Read more

You Can’t Delete Facebook From Some Androids

you can t delete facebook from some androids

The Delete Facebook (Delete Facebook) movement is gaining popularity over time. But many users are worried about Facebook already installed on some of Samsung’s devices. According to Bloomberg, the application cannot be deleted from Samsung mobile with Facebook already installed. Instead, users can only disable it. Facebook will not delete from their phone. Facebook cannot … Read more

What Is The Purpose Of Run As Administrator In Window?

what is the purpose of run as administrator in window

Question: When you open  Windows 7, much of the time when you right-click on a viable file, an option appears to Run As Administrator, even if you are not registered in from the administrator account. What is the aim of this function?     To know this function, you will first know how user accounts … Read more

What Is GDPR

what is gdpr

You may have noticed that these days you are receiving several emails regarding privacy policy from Facebook, Twitter, Venmo, Spotify and many other websites. All these companies have updated their privacy policy plans. Expectantly, you haven’t read 1 or 2 and looked at any of the other emails. With the proliferation of emails, you may … Read more

Use Of WordPress Nulled Theme

Use Of Wordpress Nulled Theme

WordPress is nowadays the worlds most famous and most popular content management system (CMS). 64 Million Websites on the Internet are based on WordPress. According to Wikipedia, 41.4% of the top 10 million websites as of May 2021, WordPress is one of the most famous content management system solutions in use, WordPress’s favourite features are … Read more

Types Of SD Cards

types of sd cards sizes

In today’s modern age, every user using a smartphone and digital camera is familiar with the SD memory card i.e. secure digital memory card. As the devices are getting better and better, so is the digital card in its capacity and speed are happening. SD cards can be divided according to their size, capacity and … Read more

How To Disable Window 10 Updates

how to disable window 10 updates

The easiest way to turn off the Windows Update feature in Windows 10   Windows 10 is the most widely used operating system for personal computers. Windows 10 was launched in June 2015 by Microsoft, the world’s largest software company. Since 2015, Microsoft has made a number of significant changes to Windows 10, which has … Read more

Free FTP Clients

Free FTP Clients

FTP or file transfer protocol transfers files from the computer to the server and from the server to the computer. The history of FTP is as old as HTTP. Website owners know that FTP is the easiest way to upload their websites to the server. Web hosting providers also offer the ability to upload files … Read more

How Memory Works

Gaming Laptops Buying Guidance

While modern operating systems have more features, they need better hardware to better deliver these services to users. There was a time when computers with a few megabytes of RAM was older Windows operating system. But now the situation is different. The memory required for the modern Microsoft Windows operating system to run smoothly has … Read more

Gaming Laptops Buying Guidance

Gaming Laptops Buying Guidance

Gaming laptops have several features that are used to judge how long they will last each other. That will be good for us or will be not good for us. It depends on the buyer. These are just some of the features, that you should think about before buying a good Laptop even if it … Read more

Fingerprints Can Be Stolen From Photos

Fingerprints Can Be Stolen From Photos

Many people already know that they should not post their sensitive and private information on social media. Letters with addresses, plane tickets or job letters, etc. Are especially prominent in such things. Fraudsters can easily use these details against you. And under no circumstances should you tell anyone your password.   No matter how old … Read more

Cyber Crimes and Their Punishments

Cyber Crimes and Their Punishments

The National Assembly has passed the Cyber   Crime Bill. After approval by the National Assembly, the bill is yet to be passed by the Senate. It is very important for internet users to know about cybercrimes and their penalties.  Unauthorized access to any person’s mobile phone, laptop, etc. Can lead to 3 months imprisonment or … Read more

10 Amazing Facts About Artificial Intelligence

10 Amazing Facts About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the entire wrath these days. Artificial intelligence can be determined in the simplest terminology, Allow computer software or machines to explore information and adapt it to the circumstances to make the best decision.   It appears, artificial intelligence has many advantages, but scientists are also fearful of it.  Good researcher Professor Stephen … Read more