Why We Give The Mobile Phone To The Child

We turn on the zero bulbs in the children’s rooms in the dark of night so that they are not frightened in the dark. Why do I stop mobile? Isn’t that dangerous?

A mobile phone is a computer connected to the Internet and children’s curiosity can take them far beyond the world of games and social media and then they can’t find a way back. It would be better to encourage children to use everything in front of their eyes. Nowadays parents become so absorbed in their routine that they do not consider it necessary to pay attention to their children. Do you have enough time to spend with them? Spend two to three hours with


 We can succeed if it saves us from the situation.

Dr. Phillips, the inventor of this app, is known as Dr. Matt. He created this app together with a friend Smith, a computer and software developer. Unlike other low-tech apps, social judo technology. is better. Parents will receive an alert on their smartphone, computer or laptop when bullying, abuse, suicidal games, irrelevant words, phrases, videos appear on their child’s smartphone.

Dr Matt says the social judo app provides parents with a natural advantage in a world where there is no benefit for children. The app helps parents perceive dangers and helps children learn right and wrong. Social Judo is an important app that teaches children to defend themselves like martial arts.

Or will we impose restrictions on Parent Safe Search Control etc. Now?

The US-based organization Savvy Cyber   Kids say that children reach a certain age and learn how to avoid restrictions with the help of friends. No matter what technology you use, your kids will still see the content you try to keep them safe.

Social Judo is an app that enables parents to monitor their children’s smartphones without spying on them. If this application inflicts any kind of violence on a child, speeding, worse than drug dealers

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