Heart Disease and Youth

The heart is an organ that enables a living thing to move, which is why in medicine, it is called the center of animal power. Like all the organs of the body, the heart is related to the brain. The brain controls all the organs through the nerves.

That is why when the color of the face changes on the occasion of joy, sorrow and feeling, the movement of the heart also changes, even during curiosity not only the movement of the heart changes but also sleep does not come. Similarly, stress and excessive grief and anger are issues that not only change the heartbeat but also make a person a heart patient, because the stress hormone has a bad effect on the heart muscle. This hormone enters the bloodstream during sleep and causes an increase in blood sugar levels in the morning.


The nerves that control the movement of the heart are affected by certain things, such as opium reduces the heart rate, caffeine, which increases the heart rate, nicotine speeds up the heart rate.

Drinking coffee increases heart rate, resulting in higher heat. Eventually, the heart muscle loses its strength due to fatigue. Excessive use of opium, Datura and cannabis reduce the heart rate, causing heat to accumulate in the heart muscle and gradually tear the muscle, i.e. Increased heart rate can also damage the heart muscle and reduce it. This is the reason why people who take medicine unnecessarily get heart disease sooner. According to the theory of modern medical science, heart disease does not occur before the age of forty, but people

who have had heart disease before, even before the age of forty.

How do young people get heart disease?

Grief is a disease that makes a person age prematurely. Nowadays, the thought of improving one’s livelihood and economic condition does not allow one to sleep. If one gets less sleep, the heart rate changes, to a certain extent. The muscles endure, and then a sudden heart attack occurs.

Most young people do not exercise and begin to understand that there is no disease in adolescence, as a result of which the arteries that carry blood to the heart become full of fat, which leads to anemia in the nerves of the heart, which causes Chest pain.

Young people think that this is the age of hard work, no matter how hard they work, they will not get sick. Most young people work late at night and drink tea or coffee to get rid of sleep, but are unaware of the fact that sleep deprivation and more Drinking tea or coffee is harmful to the heart, muscles and nerves in any case, thus making their heart move unnecessarily fast.

Young people can start using hearing aids. Initially, the use of such devices does not make them realize how dangerous they are, but after a while their heart starts to sink, but they do not use them When left uncontrollable, they can be left astray and lose the correct way.

Some young people’s loved ones are separated from them; they think they are immersed day and night, which releases a special hormone, which sometimes makes the heart rate faster and sometimes slower.


This change affects the heart muscle, even the gastrointestinal tract. This change causes the heart to stop beating at once, this is called cardiac arrest. Diagnosis of heart disease such people do not trust a physician because of heart weakness, even though they have improved several times with its treatment.

They are prone to nausea. Usually, as their heart rate changes, they lose fiber, their face turns pale, their stomach becomes weak, they become irritable and emaciated, and their belly fat. Increases.

If this condition is not taken care of, then the next level is cold night sweats, shortness of breath, abnormal breathing while walking and dizziness and nausea. Most people do not pay attention to the condition, which causes pain in the left side of the chest, shortness of breath, severe pain and numbness in the fingers of the left hand and symptoms of severe pain in the jaw. Yes, it is called heart pain (angina). This pain is gradual. Most people die due to this pain, those who survive have daily seizures. If you don’t have regular visits for a week, that’s a good sign.


How to avoid heart disease?

Don’t let negative thoughts arise, if they do arise, try to clear your mind. It is better to think of a way to deal with negative thoughts than to be discouraged.

When sleeping, do not let the events of the day come to your mind and sleep peacefully. Remember that during sleep, all the cells and muscles are refreshed and are getting food.

Be sure to go for a morning walk in an area where there is greenery and freshness, there is no point in walking in a deserted and sandy area.

Pay special attention to health if the skin starts to turn pale and yellow.

Avoid anger.

In a state of grief, put your mind to something else or go to the green area and take deep breaths, it reduces stress.

Pay attention to gastrointestinal health.

Avoid all kinds of drugs.

Be sure to eat fish once a week, as it contains omega fatty acids, which have a positive effect on the heart. Nota rest for eight hours.


Heart disease is the cause of more than two and a half lakh deaths in Pakistan. It is not so difficult to treat, but it is definitely difficult to bear. Eat half a teaspoon of amla powder and sandalwood powder with pearl yeast in the afternoon.

Aloe Vera treatment

Take statin medicine, beta and calcium and take the medicine on the advice of the doctor. Keep the blood thin. If the disease is not under control, surgery is done. Physicians prescribe sleeping pills. If blood pressure is high during a seizure, a “Nye Triglyceride” pill is placed under the tongue, but it also causes dizziness.

Food for heart power

Eat poultry, fish, vitamin A, vitamins C and vitamins D (vitamins E, C and D) and fruits and vegetables that contain useful health components and proteins such as MYOSIN, because It is good for the heart. Eat chapatti, avoid bread. Avoid foods that raise blood pressure.


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