Improve Children’s Memory

Sometimes it is seen that a five or six-year-old child forgets to put things. The child often forgets what to do. Do the kids stay asleep in the class? As kids get older, their memory enhancers, If a child is not able to pay correctly consider to their work, it can be the result of some kind of fault that can be corrected.


In the initial stage, a kid collects information through six parts of the senses. It does this by listening, seeing, and smelling, touching, eating and moving. Draws conclusions from information by reviewing them, in the final output phase, the child is expected to respond by analyzing the information obtained.

For example, words are extracted from the memory bank and sentences are arranged from them. In this whole chain, if even one link is weak the child’s memory becomes weak and the child forgets or becomes Absent Mind.

Let’s see how things go wrong with the usual spelling. The first thing to do when memorizing the spelling of a word is to remember what kind of sound the words are making and where the words are placed.


In English, we call the first action Phonemic Awareness and the second Sequencing. A child has to listen to the sound of a word very carefully and be able to repeat the sequence of that word. He should memorize the spelling rules that he can use automatic and memorize the shape of the words by pressing his mind to write the correct word.


It’s a complex process that involves many tasks at once, like driving a car. Why do some kids have a better memory than others?

Much depends on the child’s level of interest, past experience and ability to link information. As children get older, their memory improves. Get as much information as possible. Older children remember the details of a situation for a long time. In this regard, a leading child expert advises giving children to memorize as much data and facts as they can according to their age.

Could remember Children up to the age of five are more likely to remember unpleasant events, such as a doctor’s visit, which is stored in their memory for a longer period of time because stress increases attention and makes the path to memory easier.


The School also plays an important role in improving memory. A psychologist says that practice makes a man perfect and children get a lot of practice opportunities in school.

But sometimes it can be reversed. Some children can’t stand the academic pressure and are eventually frightened by such sentences that John doesn’t remember the spelling.

Messi doesn’t remember the math formulas. Paying attention is actually the ability to control his attention. Below are the reasons why it is difficult to maintain attention.

Distracting voices for Children

Body condition





Dislike or disinterest in a subject

Television program

Pressure from others

Fear from teacher

Thinking about the study

The feeling that the work is very difficult and big, how will I can do it,

Repeated interference

Lack of decision about reading (read or not read)

Lack of sleep

Some good habits of Children

Explain to the children what you intend to remember. Tell yourself. It is not difficult for me. I can remember it, I can do it.

Make sure the mind is storing everything the eye sees.

Take an interest in the subject. If you are bored, change the subject, then you can easily remember it.

Knowing yourself, especially your learning style. For example, things can be remembered better through lists, flow charts or diagrams or keep doing the practice.

Have a list of distractions for children and try to minimize them. Soon that will be finished.

Focus your attention on one point (ie clock, ring, fingers, mark on the wall) while remembering something.

Ask the children to talk to themselves as if they were teaching someone else about the subject.

Keep practice until you can say it with certainty and confidence. I can do it easy again.

Repeat with the tongue while memorizing.

Look at any information and write it down in a notebook.

Take about five to ten minutes after reading for about 45 minutes.

The brain should refocus for fifteen to twenty minutes before starting a new topic.

Decide first how much children need to remember at a time and finalize the first memory strategy.

These are all principles that can improve a child’s memory.

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