How does a hernia grow and what are its symptoms?

Hernia is a disease that is more normal in men but can also affect women. It can be harmful to women.
In this infection, the intestines or other organs protrude out of the weakest part of the stomach and seem as a sac under the skin.

According to a Dawn report, hernias are more common in the abdomen but can also occur in the navel, upper thigh and gorin, it can be congenital but mostly in the third or fourth decade of life. Comes.

Causes of Hernia

A hernia can strike someone when weak muscles or weakness in the muscles interfere with the natural cycle of tissue breakdown and repair inside the body.

Aging, chronic cough, and surgical damage maybe some of the causes of muscle weakness, while lifting very heavy loads, constipation, fluid accumulation in the stomach, or surgery on this part may also increase the risk.

Symptoms of hernia

The most usual symptom of this disease is the appearance of a lump in the affected area.
Other common symptoms include pain or discomfort in the affected area, weakness or heaviness in the stomach, burning or itching sensation in the affected area, chest pain, difficulty swallowing and chest irritation.

Which factors increase the risk?

Family history of hernia, obesity, chronic constipation, cough and smoking increase the risk of the disease.

What is the treatment?

It is usually diagnosed by doctors in a variety of ways and is usually treated with surgery, but some types of medications can also be helpful.

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