Keep Children Away From The Mobile Phone

Nowadays, when the mothers of the children get a chance to meet, they mention their children where they complain that the children do not eat anything and also say that the children play with the mobile all the time.

In fact, this modern invention has become a great source of entertainment as well as a necessity, but the sad thing is that there are a lot of disadvantages for young children.

Parents become careless by holding this toy in the hands of their children and completely ignore its harmful health possibilities.

MusicMagpie started researching mobile phone use in children when they saw that its use among children was increasing by 300% every year.



“When he asked the parents about the good age for giving mobile to their kids, the parents said that 13 years is a perfect age, by then the kids become are mature. This is a good age to give a mobile phone to a child.”

By then the child knows a lot about its use and good and bad, but MusicMagpie’s research The results proved to be the opposite.

According to their research, one in four six-year-olds has their own mobile phone and headset. Up to 25% of six-year-olds have their own Mobile phones, and about half of them engage in several mobile activities for 21 hours a week. In some activities, it is one of the harmful activity for the children, they watch a lot of games and videos. It is very harmful to their eyes and mind.

In addition, 8 out of 10 parents do not set a time to use a mobile phone, but kids are allowed to use it as long as they want, while 75% of parents do not turn off the Internet but turn it on themselves.

Their parents create a lot of problem for themselves. This is why children get into bad habits.


According to experts, the use of mobile phones to such an extent is extremely harmful to children’s health. Because at this age, they are still developing physically, unnecessary use and viewing on mobile phones can lead to eye, neck, muscle and brain disabilities in children, so parents should be careful.


Forbidden their children to avoid the mobile phone or should make a schedule for the kids. When they can use his mobile phone. They will be kept healthy and happy.  It will be helpful for their future.


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