PS5 size comparison: Is the PlayStation 5 too big for your TV stand?

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) has been revealed by Sony, with the latest rumors claiming that the PS5’s graphics will be impressive and far beyond what people expect from console games. With all of these revelations about the PS5, one question has been on everyone’s mind – will it be too big to fit in my entertainment center? Let’s take a look at PS5 size comparison and find out.

 The games have become more advanced

The game console has shrunk considerably over the years, with today’s PS4 console measuring in at 275x39x190mm. The PS4 Pro measures 308x275x52mm. But now, Sony might be preparing to deliver a huge win to TV manufacturers in Japan and elsewhere – on November 15th this year they unveiled a 500mm tall, 380mm wide and 198mm deep box design prototype of their new PlayStation 5 game console.

This means that it would comfortably fit behind most TVs without blocking out the screen. There are still plenty of questions unanswered about when it will be released or how much it’ll cost, but this certainly looks like a very interesting sign of things to come…

Is it really worth having to go through all that trouble though? That all depends on whether you want or need 4K resolution in your games. It also depends on whether you’ve already got a 4K-ready telly, because although there have been some huge advances in TV technology recently (OLED and OLED screens spring immediately to mind), those panels can still set you back thousands of pounds.

Despite 4K being around since 2011, sales have been pretty lacklustre compared to Full HD – so don’t rush into buying one unless you know what you’re getting yourself into! If you’re not sure, you should do your research before taking the plunge into purchasing one.

Even if your TV is 1080p ready, it doesn’t mean that you won’t benefit from buying a 4K-ready telly, as Sony are using clever upscaling techniques to make older games look sharper and crisper on these newer screens. You’ll also find these types of panels offer better contrast ratios than 1080p ones. In short: there’s no harm in holding off until next year if PS5 isn’t enough for you right now!

Play On The Big Screen

If you are not sure what to do with the PlayStation 5 on release day, make a list of potential televisions to buy and look at them in person. Test out some TVs that might work well with your game room before making a decision so you know exactly how much space you will need. If you are not looking for a whole new set, it is also possible to purchase an extender arm to accommodate the console. However, be careful about television selection because it can ultimately affect how much space you need for not only the PS5 but also other components like gaming chairs or consoles.

For example, if you have a wall-mounted TV, there may not be enough space for your new PS5 since it takes up more than two feet from the ground. Furthermore, take into consideration how many HDMI ports are available and if they will support 4K resolution.

New Features Include Virtual Reality (VR) Support

While this is exciting news, there is still a lot of unknown information about what the specifications are or how it will work. They’ve been pretty secretive about it so far, but they did mention they were going to offer VR support when they announced that VR headsets would not be required. It also isn’t clear how this will affect gaming on current consoles, like the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Though Sony mentioned that gamers could have their older games enhanced in HDR with improved graphics if played on a PS5 console. How much does it cost? Where can I buy one? We don’t know yet! Honestly, I’m excited for this news and eagerly await more details in the coming months. As always, I’ll keep you updated as soon as new developments arise. But until then, we’ll just have to wait patiently.

So When Can We Expect To Get Our Hands On The Console?

So when can we expect to get our hands on the console, you ask? We still don’t know, but according to Kotaku, it’s possible that Sony has been waiting for the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 to really focus on releasing more info. Or maybe they’re just being strategic and trying to keep competitors from seeing what they’re up to before everything is ready.

To find out when we might expect an announcement about PS5 release date and other details, you’ll have to continue following gaming news or start stalking Sony employees’ Twitter feeds (really). But if you are impatient, some experts think 2020 is a likely year for release since 2021 will be the 20th anniversary of the original PlayStation.

In case you missed it in our blog post description, here’s a little PS5 size comparison next to another popular video game console – Xbox One X!

 Do You Need A New TV Stand?

Just because you get a PS5 doesn’t mean you’ll need to buy a new TV Stand. If you do need one, there are a few things to consider before making that purchase. The first is what you want your TV Stand to do and have on it, like built-in soundbar, game consoles and other cool features. Your second consideration should be what type of wall material that stands on.

There are different types of materials out there like drywall or concrete block that can affect how sturdy and easy it will be to install your TV Stand where you want it without damaging anything or causing holes in the wall. You also want to make sure that whatever stand you get fits your TV’s width and height so it isn’t too tall or short. One last thing to think about when looking at TV Stands is if you want them open or closed.

Open TV Stands offer room for more electronics but take up more space than closed ones which may not look as nice but save some space. You also might find TVs with doors so you don’t have to see all the wires inside of it. With all these considerations, finding the perfect TV Stand for your needs shouldn’t be hard! If you’re looking for something basic and inexpensive, try shopping online where there are many options from low cost brands to higher quality ones. These sites also often let you see their inventory in person by showing pictures of each item and its dimensions which is a great way to narrow down what you’re looking for.

It’s best to go with a brand name store though if possible since they have reliable products made with quality wood or steel that can withstand constant use while giving your living room an upscale feel. Be aware though, even if they’re cheaper, they may not last as long as their more expensive counterparts since they tend to be cheaply made.

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