Why Do Kids Run Away From Food

Mothers usually complain that their kid does not eat anything and has to be force-food. The Kids are getting weaker day by day. They Say, What should we do, they do not understand what to do to get the kids to eat food.

It is regularly noticed that when a mother is feeding her kids, it is like a good struggle. The kids have to be force-nurtured because the baby runs away from feed or take a very little bit of food.

In such a situation, parents try to force-food their kids, which can be harmful to their kids’ health. When the child is not intellectually ready to eat, his digestion does not work correctly. Has a negative effect on the health of a baby. Such a case can be well dealt with.

If the kid is not eating at a time, feed him light snacks, full of food from time to time. For example, sandwiches are considered a popular snack meal for kids. It may use fresh chicken, fish or fresh meat. They make protein and energy for the children, in such case, Milk and dairy foods are also useful for the baby. Dairy foods contain calcium, which not only strengthens bones and teeth. But is also good and crucial for complete health. Make good nutritious foods and foods a part of kids’ diet. Keep feeding, including iron, calcium. Include leafy vegetables, green salads, beans, fresh fruits, etc. In kids’ diets.

Mothers should keep telling their kids stories or other fascinating things while eating the food’ Mothers regularly do not change the feeding plan of their young kids. They continue to feed oatmeal throughout the week, so the kid gets bored and refuses to eat the better. Sometimes it happens that mothers lie down and insist a spoon into the throat of their kids. The baby screams, but it does not affect them. It becomes a habit of theirs., In order to make the kid desire food,

It is essential for the kids to change the diet every second day if you cannot change it every day. Changing the food of children does not mean giving harsh and strong things instead of soft and easy to digest. If you feed a leg piece of chicken in oatmeal,

The kid will eat it with zest and he will also get a heap of energy in the form of protein., a kid can be given a good nutritious diet. Mothers also have some deficiencies in the lack of engrossing of young kids in food. Some mother’s things sweetened milk feeders in the kid’s mouth from time to time. According to information, Sugar found in milk and plastic feeders is harmful to kids. This does not make the kids feel starving openly and the kids begin looking weak and ill.

Not nutrition light hard food causes bloodlessness in the body of babies older than one year. Mothers should start feeding soft food to their kids as soon as they start pulling their teeth and bones. Get them in the habit of eating from childhood. ۔ as the kid gets older, change the food. For one to one and half-year-old kids, hide bread, bananas, and boiled potatoes, Yoghurt, and Butter, little by little and put it in the kid’s mouth so that he can realize different food tastes. It will be helpful for them.

Many kids do not like leafy vegetables or fruits. Some persons do not like mangoes, some persons do like to eat bananas and when they eat something, they make a disgusted face, when they see some green vegetables. Encourage kids with fresh fruits and leafy vegetables. Learn about leafy vegetables and fresh fruits by yourself. Make a great story and tell it so that they themselves are interested in these things. Kids are very innocent. When they hear the best stories and know the good benefits of these blessings, their heart will be hesitant to eat this good stuff too. It is an attraction for kids, but it is good for the health of kids.

Therefore, the habit of eating good nutrition from childhood will not only keep kids healthy, but they will also avoid many diseases. Which have been increasing all over the world nowadays.


Forbid kids from eating fried foods and other non-fried things unhealthy items that are openly in shops. Describe the disadvantages to kids so that they themselves avoid these things. Feed the kids meat, but try to put more insist on leafy green vegetables.

Be sure to drink a glass of sugarless milk at bedtime every night. Teach kids before starting to drink milk, recite Bismillah and wash their hands before eating anything. It is your moral duty to take care of your kids’ health as well as to train them. And make your kids healthy. Then they will keep to themselves happy.

In most houses, everyone eats according to their desire, time and amenity, not everyone eats together, and even this act does not allow kids to develop a love or desire for food.


When eating together at the dining table, all the home members of the household are joined to each other, so if the kid is eating, then sometimes the parents or brothers and sisters and grandparents feed the kid somehow with love. Some psychological trouble of the kid such as stubbornness, irritability, weeping uselessly, breaking something, etc., is also caused due to deficiency of food.

If the kids’ food is not nutritious, the kid will weep anxiously, throwing stuff around. If the child is uselessly stubborn at food time, find out the reason for your stubbornness kids instead of scolding theirs. They may want to good eat with you, or they may want to sit in front of the TV or the floor instead of eating food, or at the table, Feeling afraid or a stranger from someone sitting down, and so on and so forth.

There are a few stuff to keep in your mind when feeding kids that they should not get too hot at any time they are given a meal because too much hot food will make them be afraid that their mouths will get burnt. In this condition that The duty of the mother is most crucial in changing the eating habits of kids.


Eating less is not a very harmful thing, but according to experts, it shows that the child is in normal condition and growing normally. And just he wants to show his autonomy.

It is not essential to constantly prepare the baby’s popular food just for the sake of feeding if the kid is not eating. However, eating too many sweet things is harmful to the teeth and bones. Giving the same kind of food just because it is healthy is not right. For example, if the baby likes to eat only peas or carrot among the green vegetables, then encourage them to eat other good vegetables which are of the same size and good nutrition.


If the kid does not eat, do not force him for it and if he eats, then compliment him. Doing so will make the kids feel that my parents, especially the mother, are happy and not annoyed about food, so they will automatically be attracted to good food. Do not force the kid because of these negative effects. It Causes food and the baby also suffers from anxiety stubbornness, irritability. Home Family members should eat together and avoid controversy as much as possible during the food. So that the kid does not feel that food is an act in which everyone battle.

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